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Rika Ikeda



Rika Ikeda is a violinist from Japan who is based in Orlando FL, New England, NYC, and Japan. Her unique and versatile performance fascinates every audience.


She received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Osaka College of music Japan in classical violin performance. Also, Rika graduated with summa cum laude from the Berklee College of Music in jazz performance.


Rika studied classical violin with Tomotada Soh and Takako Murata, and also she studied jazz with her late father Hiroshi Ikeda and Randall Conners in Japan. While at Berklee on a distinguished scholarship, Rika had the opportunity to study with Matt Glaser, George Gazone, David Fiuczynski, Joe Lovano, Dave Samuels, Victor Mendoza , Rob Thomas , Christian Howes, Bob Pilkington and four-time Grammy Award winning Eugene Friesen. Rika has performed in concerts, master classes and clinics with some of the most distinguished musicians living today including:  Ron Carter, Jean-Luc Ponty, Eugene Friesen, Mark O'Connor, and Regina Carter.  


Rika won the Berklee College of Music’s Strings Department Chair Award for distinction in performance (2010), "The Next Big String Thing Competition" (2011), the Strings Without Boundaries’ Tune Contest (2011), and she was selected as a finalist of Blue Man Group "Got Talent Contest",WHDH(2013). 


Rika has performed in venues and events such as the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., the Symphony Hall and the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Pax East, and Anime Central to name a few.


One of her bands "Racha Fora" released the second Album "Racha S'Miles" in 2015 and appeared in media such as DownBeat Magazine, All About Jazz, and JazzTokyo etc.


"... the brilliant violin of Ikeda, whose virtuosity is on vigorous display." - All About Jazz
"Ikeda's emotive solos on the Honshuku-penned "Chicken Don" and "Door 8" are a highlight." - DownBeat Magazine
"... Particularly Rika Ikeda's haunting violin.." - Edge Media Network


Rika Ikeda






大阪音楽大学にてクラシックヴァイオリンを宗倫匡、村田宜子の両氏に師事。ジャズの手ほどきをジャズピアニストであった父、故池田裕志に受け、その後ランドール・コナーズ氏に師事。バークリー音楽大学では即興音楽をMatt Glaser, George Gazone, David Fiuczynski, Joe Lovano, Dave Samuels, Victor Mendoza, Rob Thomas, Christian Howes等の各氏に学び、作曲をBob Pilkington、Eugene Friesenの両氏に師事。


2010年、バークリー音楽大学にてStrings Department Chair Awardを受賞、 2011年、 "The Next Big String Thing Competition" 優勝。同年にthe Strings Without Boundaries’ Tune Contestでファイナリストに、 2013年、Blue Man Group Got Talent Contestでファイナリストになる。バークリー音楽大学ではロン・カーター、レジーナ・カーター等著名な演奏家と共演。


これまでにワシントンDCのケネディセンター、ニューヨークのSt. John the Divine教会、ボストンシンフォニーホール、アニメセントラル、Pax East、京セラドーム等、数々のコンサート会場やイベントで演奏。


現在はジャズクラブやミュージカルシアター、コンサートホール等で、ジャズをはじめ、ロック、フィドル、クラシック、またオリジナル曲など様々なジャンルの音楽を演奏。所属しているブラジリアンジャズバンド”Racha Fora”は2015年に2枚目のアルバム”Racha S'Miles”をリリース、3度目の日本ツアー中には東京ジャズフェスティバルに出演、国内外の雑誌やメディアで紹介される。

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